Men's 925 Sterling Silver USAF US Air Force Military Solid Back Ring

SKU: ARM500AF-8-all_gold


For sale is a customizable brand new men's 925 Sterling Silver US Air Force solid back ring made in the USA. It comes available with your choice of a US military branch emblem in 4 different finishes. The military history of the United States spans a period of over two centuries. During those years, the United States evolved from a new nation fighting Great Britain for independence to the world's sole remaining superpower from the late 20th century to present. The U.S. military consists of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, all under the command of the United States Department of Defense. There also is the United States Coast Guard, which is controlled by the Department of Homeland Security.

Product Specifications

  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Purity: 925
  • Hallmarked: 925
  • Top Width: 17mm
  • Bottom Width: 5mm
  • Weight 12g (size 10)
  • Solid Back Design
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Customer satisfaction: 100%

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