Pendants for Women: Pair With A Chain of Your Choice

Accessories are more than just a hunk of metal, rather, they are the symbols of individuality each of us chooses to wear. In a world where originality means everything, it is only fair to explore what resonates deeply within all of us. At US Jewels, we take special care in showcasing the subtleties of your personality through all of our unique sterling silver or 14K gold pendants for women. Let us do the grunt work of sculpting signature, meaningful pieces for your day to day use. Quality, aesthetics, and comfort are the outlines we keep in mind, so find relief knowing that you're in capable hands. Our pendants for women collection can be sorted in a few different themes, all ranging from sterling silver pendants to 14K gold pendants.

A higher purpose:

Religious pendants for women and men

For many, their sense of living is enhanced by their respective beliefs. Keeping all of that in mind, our religious pendants for women and men seek to solidify this connection.

Silver or Gold cross pendants:

Keeping things simple and true to the core of Christianity, was what prompted this range. Our 14K gold cross pendants, with their many different designs, are popular choices for daily wear and tear. However, affordability isn’t lost on us in our sterling silver cross pendant for women or men options.

Silver or Gold Hamsa pendants:

For your practicing Muslim or Jewish friend, a silver or gold Hamsa pendant from our men and women pendants collection could mean everything. This palm-shaped amulet in either faith is worn as a protector from evil eyes and could be a source of great comfort.

Silver or Gold Ganesha pendants:

Remove your obstacles with this signature pendant for women and men alike! Relying on Ganesha for any new beginnings is the true essence of solace for many following the Hindu traditions.

Silver or Gold Buddha pendants:

Attaining his level of peace and tranquility is what inspired our Gold Buddha pendants for women range. A sterling silver Buddha pendant is just as perfect a reminder for those seeking Buddha’s level of wisdom and sensibility. And that too, on a budget.

Spirituality and the heart:

Symbolic pendants for women and men

For others, an open ended, optimistic approach is a driving force in life. The best men and women gold pendants, in our opinion, are those that form subtle links to meaningful concepts.

Silver and gold heart pendants from women pendants collection: Having a heart of gold in this design of gold heart pendants for women has never made more sense. Whether you’re thinking of gifting your partner, parent, or child, you cannot go wrong with a literal symbol of love!

Silver and gold tree family pendants:

Family means everything. As best budget friendly gifts for mom or dad go, sterling silver pendants for women and men both, are sought after. It’s terribly important to remember your roots wherever life takes you!

Silver and gold Dove or Peace sign pendant:

The gesture of peace brings with it an aura of serenity. For those constantly in need of hope and better days to come, consider investing in one of these. The praying hands pendant from women pendants range is also another popular choice which shares the same sentiments.

Silver Tusk Pendant:

This purchase might take a little money at first but vows to bring monetary gain and good fortune in the future.

Did someone say Irish revival?

Celtic pendants for women and men

It’s incredibly rare to see cultural representation outside one’s country of origin. However, since we sincerely believe in inclusivity, we have an entire pendant for women and men range dedicated to our Irish sisters and brothers respectively.

Fleur de Lis pendants:

A symbol for royalty, perfection, and life is behind this coat of arms inspired locket. Having roots back in France also makes this a suitable choice for people outside Ireland too.

Celtic sterling silver cross pendants:

What makes this different from our original cross necklaces is its particular ode to the Celts. The geometry of their ancestors is expertly executed within each amulet, in order to become one of the favorites in women gold pendants yet.

Celtic knot pendants:

The knot remains an infinite symbol for the longevity in love. It is perhaps the truest representation and reminder of long-lasting relationships.

An ode to our protectors:

Medical and army pendants for women and men

At US Jewels, we take no one for granted. Especially those who sometimes take their own lives for granted! Our guardian angels deserve some spotlight and acknowledgement within our men and women pendants range.

First Responder, doctor, or nurse pendants:

Medical school was tough enough but these guys deserve an award just for showing up to work each day. Available in many different colors, sterling silver, and 14K gold pendant options. Consider your budgets and purchase away from our unique men and women pendants collection!

Police and Sheriff pendants:

For those brave officers that go to work every day in the hopes of protecting our streets, we have our police inspired line. These lockets from our men and women pendants range are heavily inspired by existing police and sheriff badges. We think it is the perfect way to pay homage to our beloved officers.

US army, navy, or air force pendants:

Patriotism also isn’t lost on us. Our brave soldiers leave for months on end without much connection with their families. These necklaces from men and women pendants collection would serve them as reminders of what awaits them after their long, tedious journeys.

Final verdict: a little something for everyone!

Since our aims revolve around relatability, we hope you have found something that was entirely made for you. The many different varieties in store are there to only facilitate you, so that you can make well-informed decisions. Afterall, everyone out there is our muse! Whether you fancy the chai pendant or the angel pendant, take your time sorting through our expansive collections. Once you make your selection, remember that the best part still isn’t over. Pairing any of our pendants for women with a complementary chain is the final step in sealing the deal! And we hope you do.

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