Fire, Police & Medical Pendants

Calamities may not be something most of us witness daily, however, that is certainly not the case for first responders. These individuals are on the frontlines every day and selflessly risk their lives to provide safety to ours. At US jewels, we wish to commemorate their painstaking efforts with our unique range of fire, police & medical pendants. Our incredible range of medal necklaces, medical pendants, and police necklaces keep you in the loop. Whether you are looking for a luxurious or an affordable wardrobe addition, it is completely up to you. Gold medical pendants as well as sterling silver engravable necklaces consider the exact monetary budget you have in mind. We are certain that our charm necklaces do well to showcase and highlight the love we feel for our brave heroes in this field.

Doctors and nurses:

While we may not exactly know what 18-hour shift feels like, there is no reason why we cannot appreciate them. Doctor necklaces or nurse pendant necklaces are not common to find but are easily available in our medical pendant range. Our favourite within this customizable range of medical necklaces is:

Stethoscope necklaces:

The stethoscope pendant necklace is a popular choice amongst doctors, nurses, and medical students alike. The stethoscope is a staple equipment within the field of medicine, nurses and doctors seldom go anywhere without it. At work, this medical pendant could be just the charm you need to add to your scrubs. Even outside of work, the stethoscope necklace serves as a reminder of all the good our kind medical practitioners do. In sterling silver and 14K gold options, this medical pendant takes your affordability under consideration too. Whether it is a gift to your loved ones or yourself, our medical pendant range only vows to surpass your expectations.

First Responders:

Waiting on standby for the next disaster to strike can be a very stressful career, no doubt. Seeing people in this state must serve as a reminder for how crucial it is to stay grounded. In our EMT medical pendant, we sincerely hope to do this very sentiment justice. Being grateful for all that we have by a simple touch of a pendant is what truly inspires us to keep creating.

EMT necklaces:

The inside of ambulances is where paramedics usually find themselves. Often forgotten within the field of medicine, these individuals, we believe, deserve more spotlight in the world. Our 1st responder pendants are our way of doing just that. These medical pendants come in a variety of colours, sizes, and types. Whether you wish to wear a paramedic nickel-shaped charm necklace or an EMT round pendant one, the choice is yours. Blue or red colour options along with sterling silver and gold options allow these customizable badges to meet your needs.

The Police Officer:

Admittedly different from our more medical pendant oriented range is this one, but it is all in good reason. Inclusivity is what we pride ourselves for and to do so means to honour our hardworking, law-abiding officers too. Police necklaces are the quirky statement gifts that your friends at the precinct will surely appreciate. Trust us when we say that engravable pendant necklaces have never looked this good, here is why:

Deputy Sheriff Pendant necklace:

Wearing the police uniform daily is indeed a source of pride. However, at the cost of looking like everyone else day in and day out something always feels missing. Sheriffs are the brains and morale that head their respective counties. Which is why our engravable pendant necklace within this range is the one of the perfect customizable badges to complement their existing badges.

County Police necklaces:

A sheriff is incomplete without a competent team of dedicated police officers. This is precisely why our customizable county police necklaces are such a hit. By adding your name or post, this sterling silver engravable necklace has the added uniqueness of making it your own. Whether this is a gift for yourself or your loved ones in the force, it is indeed the perfect charm necklace to elevate any uniform attire.

A medical pendant for us all:

Of course, this exclusive medical pendant range may seem irrelevant to those not in the field. However, medical ID necklaces and medical alert necklaces are worth considering no matter what your choice of career may be.

Medical ID necklaces:

An undisputed fact about life is its uncertainty. Avoiding distressing situations is indeed out of our control. Perhaps what isn’t, is our thoughtful investment in a dedicated medical pendant that could potentially keep us safe in unfortunate times. In its white gold engravable necklace formatting, you can adjust all your basic and relevant information. Crucial data like blood type, existing diseases, or ongoing medications on this medical pendant can help doctors treat you better. Medical alert necklaces with your name or emergency contact can even help inform your loved ones where you are right away. Tragedy is unavoidable, but taking precaution surely isn’t.

Caduceus Pendant Necklace:

On a lighter note, we introduce another crowd favourite. This charm necklace is often mistaken for only having medicinal origins, however, that is not entirely true. A symbol for wisdom, commerce, and medicine makes this Greek-inspired jewelry piece something we can all relate to. The interwoven wings and staff design are out of the ordinary already. In addition, the pop of red within its sterling silver also makes it stand out even more.

If it isn’t evident enough within our incredibly diverse medical pendant range, we will recreate it ourselves. No man or woman is left behind when it comes to our incredibly inclusive range because we don’t only mean business and want to create something that everyone can own. Be it sterling silver engravable necklaces or white gold engravable necklaces, your new medical pendant awaits you. Of course, in conclusion, we are aware that we cannot stop adversity, nobody truly can. However, we do believe that we can at least keep ourselves and our loved ones sane in little, meaningful ways. Isn’t that what life is really about?
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