Engravable Personalized Ladies 14k Yellow Gold Polished Heart 2 Photo Locket Pendant Necklace, 17mm

SKU: us21906_22_nochn

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For sale is a beautiful women's 14k yellow gold heart locket. Lockets have a rich history of being intimate keepsakes, allowing wearers to carry a cherished photo or a small memento close to their heart. They serve as a bridge connecting us to treasured memories, loved ones, and significant moments in our lives. This locket, with its heart  symbolism, represents those profound connections. 

Product Specifications

  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Purity: 14k
  • Length: 22mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Choice of chains: Yes
  • Customer satisfaction: 100%
  • Build Time: 5 Days