Men's XL Heavy Solid 925 Sterling Silver Marine Corps USMC Devil Dog Pendant Necklace, 55g

SKU: mardd100_pendant_only


Introducing the 3D Solid Heavy Sterling Silver United States Marine Corps Devil Dog Pendant, paying homage to the Marine Corps and their legendary nickname.

The Marine Corps earned the moniker "Devil Dog" during World War I from their enemies, as their relentless determination and ferocity on the battlefield reminded the enemy of tenacious and fierce dogs.

With its 3D details, solid construction and large size, this pendant serves as a powerful emblem of the Marine Corps' legendary status. It is a tribute to their unwavering courage and the sacrifices they make in defense of our nation.

Officially licensed by the US Marine Corps and made in the USA. Do you want to support our troops? By purchasing our military jewelry, we pay the corresponding military branch a commission (the amount varies depending on the military branch). Whether it be the Army, Marine Corps or the Navy, buying your jewelry from US Jewels is a great way to support our military.

Product Specifications

  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Purity: 925
  • Length: 30mm
  • Width: 39mm
  • Weight: 55g (Pendant Only)
  • Construction: 3D Solid
  • Finish: Polished
  • Choice of chains: Yes